Gillespie's Digital Office Solutions has been in the document management business for over 45 years. Our strength is our commitment to customer service throughout every aspect of our business. Whether it is a capital budget that you are working with or a working budget, buying or leasing, we can help you make the best decision for your office equipment requirements. To get a complimentary, no obligation evaluation on your office equipment needs, contact Kim Burns at extension 223 today. We help businesses do more and pay less.

Why Lease?

Many companies struggle with the decision on whether to purchase or buy their new office equipment. Leasing can provide your business with some financial advantages over purchasing:

  1. Your business can finance the entire purchase, instead of the usual required down payment
  2. State of the art equipment can become a reality now, rather than having to wait for the total cash amount to be budgeted.
  3. Leasing provides regular monthly payments, making budgeting easy
  4. Leasing is a budgeted item, thus conserving your capital budget for other areas of your business, such as inventory
  5. Unlike purchasing, leasing is 100% tax deductable, as it is considered a direct expense to your business
  6. Avoid equipment obsolescence by trading up old technology for top of the line equipment at any time with a minimal adjustment to your monthly payments
  7. Leasing provides flexibility. The length, terms and method of payment can be tailored to your businesses needs

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